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He likes juice but he doesn't like milk I spent yesterday reading instead of going out. Lightning struck the tower. I need to go home. I'll be very busy next month. He hurt his left hand with a knife. Where do you look for him? Tony's voice is nice. Alright. Have a nice trip. Aren't you Tom?
Lostprophets Weapons: - I had a good time during the trip.
- I don't know what to say to make you feel better.
- I didn't know about that until quite recently.
- I don't mind getting up at six.
- I walked in the woods by myself.
- Tom is interested in mathematics.
- Tom loves Mary with all his heart.
- Agriculture is the major occupation of the people there in.
- Call them in.
- It was a terrible affair.
I don't know if he will visit us next Sunday. She asked him to come into her house. I am doubtful whether he will come. The old man gave me a useful piece of advice. We left the final decision to him. I found it necessary to get a loan. Come into the room. She bought him a camera. Excuse me, but I feel sick. Don't waste my time.

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