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Do you want me to drive you home? There's a pencil in front of the lamp. Hey, wait up! Now. He introduced me to a pretty girl. She goes to a school for the deaf. The other day I discovered a book written by my father. Have both of you already eaten? He took out some coins. I am not a teacher.
Mientes Tan Bien: - She looked around.
- A cold bath refreshed him.
- Could we have a fork?
- How many miles is it to Pennsylvania?
- I like this house as it is.
- There is no hope of his recovery.
- May I come in?
- The weather is rather hot.
- Let's take a break for coffee.
- She bought him some candy.
We don't meet very often recently. I would never feed my dog commercial dog food. Sir, he has gone home for lunch. If Mary slapped Tom, I'm sure he deserved it. I expect to come. All of a sudden, the clerk lost his temper. She is my grandmother. Yes, I think they might have gone to the same college or something like that. I'm not exactly sure how they know each other. A long time ago, there was a bridge here. Off the top of my head, I think she's 26.

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