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I really trust his ability. He proceeded to the next question. Really? I need to go to the store too. I must return this book today. He is now on his own. I saw tears in her eyes. It was not very cold yesterday. He listened to the news on the radio as he fed his dog. Yes, that's fine. It works well outside. He accidentally hit his thumb with the hammer.
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- I am Mrs. Clinton.
- Would you like to go to a movie?
- This is Tony's book.
- Could you do this instead of me?
- We can eat Italian or Chinese food.
- I think it's strange that no one is on the street this time of the day.
- Did he say anything about it?
- Do you know why she's so angry?
- Yes, I was working on it last night and everything was fine, but this morning I couldn't open the file.
No one knows. She saw him at the station. Do it by yourself. It's my younger brother's. As far as I'm concerned... He was seriously injured in the car accident. Don't tell lies. I don't know what Mary is looking for. Eleven o'clock is good for me. Does he advantage a lot?

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