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I'll see you next month. Ken is good at swimming. The cat scratched my hand. Parents are responsible for their children's education. I don't have enough money. We all held our breath while we watched it. Mary spread the big map on the table. You can buy it for a thousand yen or so. He drinks a lot of milk every day. I'd talk to your father.
T43 Drivers: - Are you free now?
- He stopped smoking because his wife and children asked him to.
- Of course she can speak English.
- Do you like the new school better?
- I think it's time for me to apologize to her.
- How much do you weigh?
- He was almost drowned.
- Thanks. I'll pay you back on Friday.
- We are all looking forward to seeing you.
- I had trouble deciding which brand of dog food to feed my dog.
I like white roses better than red ones. Could you get me some tea? He really likes traveling a lot. My younger brother is watching TV. There are many people here. Why did you go there? You can't be serious. I always thought that Shirley and Alan would get together. It's about time. I think it's time for me to take a break.

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