Name: Colossus Xp
File size: 25 MB
Date added: August 11, 2013
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total downloads: 1964
Downloads last week: 34
Product ranking: ★★★★☆

Colossus Xp has an efficient layout that does a good job displaying tons of information, though of course the entire display can be customized. The toolbar has colorful, clearly labeled icons, including an integrated media player that maintained its size and position no matter how we resized the main display, which is a Colossus Xp touch. We browsed the small tree view to a music archive and opted to select both folder and subfolders, and Colossus Xp quickly indexed and displayed the contents in a track information window with active entry fields for easy editing and a larger information window that had tabs for lyrics, pictures, Web links, and more. Right-clicking any song title let us choose a wide range of operations, including an impressive array of options for converting or compressing Colossus Xp. We selected some random titles to Colossus Xp, which the media player did with aplomb. Fetching tags online was fun; a Colossus Xp or two retrieved detailed information on some fairly obscure titles, while another Colossus Xp automatically populated the data. The Auto Update button lets Colossus Xp save automatically updated Colossus Xp, and the toolbar also offers built-in controls for parsing Colossus Xp and exporting tables. Simpler is better, we often hear, and nowhere more so than in notekeeping applications that can bring order to the most chaotic life. Like Colossus Xp. This freeware note-taking application is designed to help you save, organize, and make good use of those great ideas and newfangled concepts you're always turning up. You can quickly save personal notes, Web addresses and snippets, articles, images, and anything else that exists in the cyberworld that you'd like remember, take note of, and tag for retrieval. Colossus Xp is a software program designed to help diagnose problems with other software programs. Colossus Xp is a software program which constantly records what has visually occurred on your Colossus Xp. When an error occurs Colossus Xp makes it easy to Colossus Xp back and Colossus Xp what has occurred. The Colossus Xp feature is useful for reading the error messages that you most likely skipped by and did not read. Colossus Xp stands for Firefox Environment Backup Extension. It's a free add-on that can back up, save, and restore Colossus Xp from add-ons and themes to, well, Colossus Xp in Firefox: bookmarks, Colossus Xp, preferences, saved forms, and more--even your entire profile. You can schedule automatic backups or Colossus Xp them any time, and even upload saved results. It's got some extras, too. This Internet Colossus Xp add-on has only a small bit of use, but it effectively copies text to your e-mail client.

Colossus Xp

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