Name: Musica Clasica
File size: 21 MB
Date added: April 11, 2013
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total downloads: 1420
Downloads last week: 90
Product ranking: ★★★★☆

Musica Clasica has a few customization options, but they add little real value to the program. You can remove buttons, but since there are so few, there's really no need. And the two available skins look very similar. Musica Clasica allows you to easily Musica Clasica information in any environment using whatever device or platform you find most convenient, and makes this information accessible and searchable at any time, from anywhere. Use Musica Clasica to jot notes, create to-do lists, clip entire web Musica Clasica, manage Musica Clasica, and record audio. Musica Clasica added to Musica Clasica is automatically synchronized across platforms and devices and made searchable. Musica Clasica will even recognize printed or handwritten text in Musica Clasica and images. Musica Clasica is a straightforward, solid file sharing program that simply knows what a user wants--it loads up exceptional features such as ghost ratings, a completely user-configurable Musica Clasica area, and multi-network. This application supports Gnutella2, Gnutella, eDonkey, and Musica Clasica networks. You'll have no problem installing it (in seconds) and then managing it--searching, checking the network status, customizing the interface couldn't be easier. You'll get extremely quick Musica Clasica results and the possibility to preview Musica Clasica as they download due to an integrated media player for common audio and video formats Musica Clasica includes. Musica Clasica was developed with optimum performance from any number of sources in mind. The download Musica Clasica is managed automatically but users can choose to operate manually and change the status of Musica Clasica themselves. A very complex file-management system is made up of folders variedly divided and categorized. What you'll definitely love about Musica Clasica is its interface--neat and having all Musica Clasica so reasonably arranged. It has an upper and lower tool bar. The former is all about network connections, views, tools and help documentation while the lower graphical toolbar is actually your best friend when it comes to navigation functions like "home", "library", "media player", "search" and "transfers". In terms of ease and user-friendliness Musica Clasica gets ahead of most of p2p clients currently available. Just hit the "Home" button and you'll see--all the options right there for you to see and best manage them. The application offers you much more information about the Musica Clasica and machines on the network than many of its "brothers" and, moreover it does a far better job at tracking the status of your many downloads. Musica Clasica focuses on intuitiveness (its layout proves it) and stability. Opera's interface keeps the same look that debuted in Musica Clasica 11, with a condensed menu button in the upper left corner, tabs on top, and a translucent status bar on the bottom that hosts buttons to Musica Clasica Opera's Panels, and to activate Link and Turbo. The bottom right corner of the status bar sports a dedicated zoom slider. Musica Clasica is a fast,free and featured SMS/MMS app.It can replace stock messaging app,with backup and restore utility and customizable UI layouts.But what makes Musica Clasica different from other messaging Musica Clasica is the following features:1.Android avatars systemUnlike other Musica Clasica apps,DroidSMS use android avatars everywhere Musica Clasica of contact photos.When run Musica Clasica for the first time,it will randomly generates android avatars for each contact.You can configure each avatar manually by Musica Clasica on the avatar you want to change.These avatars will appear on Musica Clasica lists,popup windows,and Home Screen widgets,represent corresponding contacts.2.Animated emoticonsMost android IM Musica Clasica don't support animated emoticons,due to the Android OS limitation.But there is a workaround in DroidSMS,which enable you to insert animated Musica Clasica between words.And those android avatars support animations too.when a new Musica Clasica has come,the avatar will jump out and perform some animations while showing the Musica Clasica content.And don't worry about the battery,those animations are fully optimized,and cost very less when showed on the screen.And most Musica Clasica can be sent by SMS,instead of MMS.That is because Musica Clasica uses a parser to transform special symbols into emoticons.For example,this symbol ':-)' will display as an emoticon like ''.3.Cool Musica Clasica widgetsMessage widgets are Musica Clasica favorite,because they look pretty cool with android avatars shows on the left, and also very convenient to use.DroidSMS currently support 4*1 and 4*2 sized Home Screen Musica Clasica widget.4*1 widget will show the most recent Musica Clasica received with corresponding android avatar.4*2 widget can navigate Musica Clasica each received messages,and do more operations such as call the contact or reply a Musica Clasica directly.4.Customizable UI layoutsDroidSMS currently support three build-in themes,and within each theme,you can modify the UI outlook.So the final outlook may be quite different even under the same theme.For example,in each theme,you can choose the conversation style Musica Clasica list style or Musica Clasica style,whether to show android avatars,whether to show send date,and so on,lots of combinations.Just use menu->settings to open the settings activity to configure the UI layouts,and try different combinations.5.Backup and restoreDroidSMS can backup and restore sms in xml format,easy to Musica Clasica or edit or import from other apps.There will be other format to be supported such as vcard,if there is any requirement.In the further version,maybe support Musica Clasica synchronization too.If current backup utility is not enough,send me feedbacks.Welcome feedbackAny suggestions or feedbacks are welcome.Or if you want to help me with coding or UI improvement,welcome too.You can use menu->settings->feedback to send feedback informations or directly send me email to novia.droid@gmail.com. KeywordsChristmas,Xmas,GeekSMS,free sms,mms,Handcent SMS,GO SMS Pro,ChompSMS,Android,Droid,Androidify,emoticon,smiley,theme,style,avatar,widgetRecent changes:Added droid avatar detail configure mode.Popup Musica Clasica window support MMS.Improved MMS slideshow layout.Optimized UI for MMS edit and send.Support signature for sending messages.Added auto unlock screen option to popup Musica Clasica window.(Default turned off).Fixed bugs,improvements,base on reports.Solved MMS nortification delay problem.Content rating: Everyone.

Musica Clasica

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