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I've never seen a whale that big. There is a good chance that he will win. The hotel is down there. Do you know her? She greeted him cheerfully as she always did. She bought him a sweater, but he hated the color. My son is small for his age. How can people do things like that? The clock has stopped. He likes playing soccer.
Syn Text Editor: - She lives in a large house.
- Let's give Tom a surprise welcome party.
- Those glasses suit you.
- Don't take it out on me.
- We had a very hot summer this year.
- How old do you think Tom is?
- He started singing.
- She repulses him.
- What's the website address?
- Chennai is 2000km from Mumbai.
Mind the steps. We'll have lived here for two years next April. I'm able to ski. She has few friends. She went to the museum by taxi. This video is boring. Have you finished studying? You never know what you can do till you try. It's not an easy place to find. Tom can't taste the difference between expensive wine and cheap wine.

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